We’re connected to everything: Phones, emails, cars, cameras, smart appliances, doorbells, the list goes on. With each and every “connect” opportunity, we weaken our ability to protect our data—making it easier for attackers to access our info and use for evil.

To safeguard your digital life and those around you, you must know if you’ve been compromised. Enter your email below to find out if you’ve fallen victim (known or unbeknownst) to a cyber data breach.

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This email account has not been reported in a breach. However, you’re not off the hook just yet. It’s important to stay vigilant to where and how your information can be compromised. Continue to ensure your data stays off the “breach list” with these tips and more from us.

Update passwords regularly.We know it’s a pain to remember all those complicated passwords but the harder to make them to crack, the less likely you’ll be breached. Use a password manager like 1Passsword to keep those precious data points protected, friends. They will generate complex passwords and flag password reuseto keep you on your toes. But remember, you now have one password for ALL your passwords, so #BeCyberSmart and make it a creative one!
Keep software updated. Hackers love when we fail to update our software because it’s easier to infiltrate with weakened firewalls and outdated operating systems. Do yourself a favor, and “update all” next time you get that pesky notification to do so. And opt-in for a multi-factor authentication (MFA) option (or two-factor authentication, 2FA) if available for an added “barrier” to entry.
Manage social media settings. Keep your personal and private information locked down. It’s easier than ever for social engineering cyber criminals to find intel simply by searching for your pet’s name or state of residence on social media.
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You’ve been breached 1 times out of 405 incidents reported.

You’ve been breached? Now What?

Three quick tips to start protecting your data.

Change your passwords on any compromised accounts. Make it complicated and don’t reuse an old password. Try using symbols and numbers in place of letters to make the phrase memorable to you but harder to hack for an attacker.
Actively monitor financial accounts. Hackers can get just enough intel on you to hack into your bank account, so watching for suspicious activity is recommended.
Scan your computer for viruses or malware. Use a leading antivirus program and malware detector to help you identify and eliminate any unauthorized programs lurking on your hard drive.
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