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Visit this page on a desktop computer to play our demos. If you are trying to join a perplex game ask your host for the code.

  • NexAgent
    Investigate and solve industry specific network problems with NexAgent!
    Coming soon to Project Ares
  • Regular Expression
    Learn the intricacies of regular expressions by fighting robots to save humanity with Regexile!


RegExile challenges you in your knowledge of regular expressions.  Learn to sequence your text strings to define search patterns while simultaneously defending your army.  RegExile introduces various meta characters and how they can be used to cover patterns in text. If you can form your regular expression quickly,  you can save your army from enemy robots who are coming to destroy you. With a structure to include Lesson, Assessment and Level gameplay, RegExile will boost your regular expression skills while actively engaging and informing the user.


In NexAgent you are a cyber security professional tasked with investigating and solving industry specific network problems. With unique supporting mechanics and a fully functioning Command Line Emulator, Agents use proven methods to secure and protect their network. Narrative driven scenarios come to life inside the immersive training environment preparing YOU to become the ultimate Network Explorer.


Are you a cybersecurity whiz? If so, Perplex is for you. This multiplayer, time-based trivia game is accessible on your phone so you can play it anytime, anywhere with friends and colleagues. Players race against the clock and each other to answer cybersecurity trivia questions and collect points. The player who is the fastest to submit the correct answer wins. Don’t get perplexed or you’ll lose!


Unlock cybersecurity mysteries with Cypher, an encryption game that uses a movable Alberti Cipher disk to “decode” cybersecurity concepts and theories into readable encrypted messages. Players learn the basics of the industry while challenging their current knowledge of fundamental topics.

What Our Cyber Learners Have to Say

I played the RegExile game today and I have to say I have hated regex till now, but when I learned it through the game, I actually liked it. It was really fun. I liked the concept of how a false sense of impending danger from the robots can make you think better and learn more. I was typing out my regex and actually thinking quite hard on how it could work and what I could do to make sure it was right as I did not want to lose the shield. I learned more through this game on regex than what I had in my undergrad class.