[vc_listinghero featured_image=”1923″ headline_text=”CyRaaS for Academic Institutions” description_text=”Hands-on cybersecurity practice for real-life workplace preparation” cta_text=”” cta_url=”” gradient_percentage=”10″ color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.45)”]

Closed, Virtualized Networks

Provides real-time scenarios that are trained on an HTML5 compliant platform in a web browser, so mistakes can be made without compromising an actual system.

Interactive System Emulation

Students can get a sense for what cybersecurity professionals do every day on the job in their networks through emulated systems that can prepare them for real experiences after graduation.

Real-Time Skills Assessment

Instructors can evaluate student performance and modify exercises so that training events can be repeated to reinforce cybersecurity protection strategies.

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Proactive preparation for students entering the cybersecurity industry.

Think of training on a cyber range like taking an internship. Students get the skills and realistic experience needed to inform their professional pursuits post-graduation. Academic institutions are turning to cyber ranges in the cloud to advance STEM learning at earlier ages, and later, to train the workforce.

[vc_rightcontentblock headline_text=”Apply Learned Concepts Immediately” description_text=”Students can take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to life-like networks to truly test their capabilities and cyber threat intelligence.” featured_image=”1903″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_leftcontentblock headline_text=”Minimize the Cybersecurity Skills Gap” description_text=”Cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals with realistic training, so they are prepared to enter any industry and put their skills to immediate use without delay.” featured_image=”1804″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_rightcontentblock headline_text=”Practical, Cutting-Edge Experiential Learning” description_text=”Traditional learning approaches yield low information retention. Be a part of a growing academic community that is embracing realistic training platforms in the cloud to better prepare students for on-the-job experiences.” featured_image=”1923″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″]
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Maximize the efficiency of training sessions so aspiring cyber professionals can be mission ready from day one on the job.