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Leverage Cares Act Funding to Improve Online Cyber Classes

Under the CARES Act, some higher education institutions may qualify to receive portions of the Education Stabilization Fund (Section 18001 et. seq.) to support “significant changes to the delivery of instruction.” For Information Security and Cyber Security educators the rapid adaption to and adoption of online learning tools is critical to sustaining student engagement for spring and summer terms plus potentially fall 2020 and beyond.  

Circadence can help educators transform existing cyber security curriculum to support distance learning challenges. [/vc_wysiwygblock1]

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Project Ares is an online learning platform specifically designed to teach cyber security in a hands-on, applied manner.


For instructors

  • Built-in learning exercises augment syllabi
  • Anytime access enables flexible, asynchronous delivery
  • Instructor observation or interaction within exercises supports tutoring and assessment

For Students

  • Self-directed learning-enabled with hints, Q&A chatbot, and session playback
  • Global chat builds peer-to-peer community
  • Sustained engagement with scores and leaderboards to incent practice and improvement

Students can start with foundational cyber concepts like ports and protocols or regular expressions or jump to advanced skills in cyber threat scenarios reflective of real-world cyber-attacks.  With Project Ares, distance learning for students is engaging, fun, and effective—and professors align curriculum topics to hands-on activities. 

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How Other Institutions Are Using Project Ares

Download this sample curriculum to see and understand how a national research institution in the United States has implemented Project Ares into their course curriculum. [/vc_wysiwygblock1]

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More case studies and white papers

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Gamified, Active-Learning for Real-World Skills Application 

State-of-the-art technology and detailed performance metrics give cyber instructors the benchmarks and progression points needed to prepare the next generation of cyber professionals and fill the industry skills gap.