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State-of-the-art technology and detailed performance metrics arm CISOs with the benchmarks and progression points needed to strengthen their cybersecurity strategy and align proof-in-performance with key business stakeholders.

[vc_leftcontentblock headline_text=”Increased Employee Satisfaction” description_text=”Continuous professional development and skill-building opportunities make employees feel valued and purposeful within their teams and for their employer.” featured_image=”1804″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_rightcontentblock headline_text=”Measurable Proof in Performance” description_text=”CISOs can finally measure the competencies of their cyber teams to effectively communicate the value of their infosecurity strategy and positive impact on the enterprise.” featured_image=”1903″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″][vc_leftcontentblock headline_text=”Proactive Approach Reduces Risk Environment” description_text=”Staying ahead of evolving threats help teams take proactive measures to protect and defend their organization, strengthening their security environment as a whole.” featured_image=”2166″ color=”#dad8d8″ text_color=”#565656″]
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Delivering on its promise: Providing a level of cyber readiness training and assessment unheard of in the commercial enterprise market

Healthcare, financial services, critical infrastructure, transportation and MSSPs place their confidence in Project Ares knowing it provides a ROI that can’t be taught in the classroom or bought with a technical degree.